OCCUPATION: Artist is a Wellington-based group of contemporary jewellers with a determination to make our art and get it out there.

We have a high level of professional involvement in the art life of Wellington and beyond, and contribute our energy and commitment to jewellery initiatives locally, nationally and overseas. Since 2013 O:A members have exhibited widely, travelled to masterclasses and conferences, and hosted local and international artists in the studio.

As artists who came late to the niche field of contemporary jewellery, we are all actively engaged with the challenge of transitioning into an established practice. This is a general theme that underpins all our group activities; we are inspired by the Guerilla Girls and by witty initiatives like Regan Gentry’s ongoing Foot in the Door. Our ‘occupation’ model of exhibiting as a group takes advantage of jewellery’s small scale and portability to cheekily insert our pieces into existing displays in galleries and other public places.

O:A group shows

  • 2017 Thin Ice at Parking Day, Wellington, NZ
  • 2016 Golden Section at Parking Day, Wellington, NZ
  • 2015 Occupy Crossley St, Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne Australia
  • 2015 Occupy Anna, Anna Miles Gallery, Auckland NZ
  • 2015 Wear the Wares (with USA collective CritOccult), SNAG popup, Boston, USA
Opening night of Occupy Crossley St. Viv Atkinson performs as Salon Rouge, in front of Kelly MacDonald’s Tinker, Tailor , in the window of Charles Edward, master shirt-maker

Residencies hosted

  • 2015 Greta Menzies, Wellington artist/designer: Shapeshifter – 8 week residency
  • 2014 Jane Ritchie, USA jeweller: 7 week residency
  • 2014 Greta Menzies: YESYES – 2 week residency

Third party shows hosted

  • 2014 Oct: Lost in Transformation, Natalie Smith and Amy King
  • 2014 September: YESYES, Greta Menzies
  • 2014 July: Domestic in Nature, Fran Carter
  • 2013 Nov: You’d-Prolong, Sarah Walker-Holt
  • 2013 Oct: $N/A (Price Not Applicable), Monica Buchan-Ng
  • 2013 Aug: The Grand Baby Royal x – Georgia Clack
Amy King and Natalie Smith: Lost in Transformation, Oct 2014
Opening of Greta Menzies YESYES 2014
Opening of Fran Carter’s Domestic in Nature 2014

Wellington Jewellery Showcases hosted

  • 2013 Oct:Contemporary Wellington: Pop-up showcase for Mike Holmes, Velevt da Vinci
  • 2013 June: Wunderruma Casting Call: Pop-up showcase for Warwick and Karl
Contemporary Wellington showcased local jewellery for Mike Holmes, visiting owner of Velvet da Vinci, Oct 2013

To read an interview with the organisers of Radiant Pavilion, click here: O:A Studio interview 18/8/2015 

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