$10 brooches

Because jewellery is for everyone.

HANG IN THERE Tomorrow is another day

PRESSURE MAKES DIAMONDS Diamond brooch (Image Matt Lambert)
A WARM HUG Better than a diamond brooch (Image Réka Fekete)
Stick with me, baby THE BEST IS YET TO COME (Image Joanna Blair)
KIA KAHA / BE STRONG (Collaboration with Neke Moa) (Images Melinda Young)
THIS TOO SHALL PASS (see linked project)

These brooches tick many boxes for me: They’re low tech, egalitarian, and super-durable. I was thrilled when they made it into Wunderruma, a survey of NZ jewellery which toured the world:

Thrilleder to see them on a bus shelter:

but Thrilledest by feedback from wearers. In 2017 I was at a local gallery and a staff member called me across to meet Donna who’d just arrived wearing This too shall pass:

Her mother, Robyn, then revealed this:

which was Donna’s gift to her during chemo and which she still wears daily, pinned to her bra.

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