Nestle (2010)

In ‘Nestle’ I wanted to make work about nurturing – watching out for the vulnerable and treasuring the imperfect. My aim was to develop a collection of pieces that, despite being unfamiliar, would trigger our instinct to hold and protect.

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Nestle 2010
(Images by Karren Dale)

Hush Now

the thing that seduced me
… is the thing that formed me
… is  the thing that deformed me
… is the thing that perverted me
… is the thing that converted me
… is the thing I love, too.

(from Patti Smith’s Little Prayer for New York)

When your work is also your play and your passion, there’s a price.

So. If I can’t make jewellery, am I still a jeweller?

‘Hush Now’ is about uncertainty.

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Hush Now (2010)