Sarah Read is an artist practicing in Aotearoa New Zealand.

She trained at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (Sculpture) and Whitireia NZ (Contemporary jewellery) and is a participant in the HandShake jewellery mentoring programme. She has exhibited in Europe, the Americas, Australia and New Zealand.

She’s interested in the sense of connectedness that makes all the difference when life is difficult. Her work has a conceptual base, is collaborative in nature and—despite her social reticence—often features social practice or third-party participation.

She is based in Te Whanganui a Tara, Wellington and is a founding member of local artist-run initiatives The See Here and Occupation: Artist. She earns her living as a care worker at Te Hopai Home and Hospital.



  • BA Visual Arts, Whitireia NZ 2010
  • BA (Hons) Fine Art, University Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK 1983
  • Handshake mentoring project, 2011–ongoing


  • Occupation: Artist 2013–ongoing
  • The See Here 2010–ongoing
  • Jelly Arts associate artist 2017–20

Selected exhibitions 2022

  • delimit, Thistle Hall, Wellington
  • textile/adjacent, Anvil House Studio, Wellington
  • Molly Morpeth Canaday 3D awards, Whangārei
  • Contained/Uncontained, Pah Homestead, Auckland


  • Handshake group show, Refinery Art Space, Nelson
  • Contained/Uncontained, Melbourne
  • Body Positive, TempContemp, online


  • Gallery Faux, CNZ-funded online popup gallery
  • Anniversary Show, The See Here, Wellington, NZ
  • Show Us Your Rona, TempContemp, Projectspace, Sydney NSW


  • Handshake in dialogue with CODA collection, CODA Museum, Netherlands
  • To the Power of 3: Holybrook Gallery, Reading


  • Sweet As, Jelly Arts, Reading
  • Te Ao Hurihuri, The Crypt Gallery, London
  • To the power of 3: Turbine House, Reading
  • On the Go, Te Auaha Gallery: Wellington Arts festival
  • Superpositions, Stanley St, Sydney


  • How to Make a Necklace from a Chair, The See Here
  • The Jewellers Have Landed, Tate Modern, London
  • Outside Galerie Biro, Munich, Germany
  • Outside Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, Australia
  • Reflect: Handshake at The Dowse Art Museum, Wellington
  • Paved with Gold with O:A, Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne
  • Handshake 3, Frame Galleries, Munich, Germany


  • Outside Gallery SO, London, UK
  • Outside Platina, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Handshake, Platina, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Ahi Kā ,Pataka, Wellington, NZ
  • Lighten up, The See Here, Wellington, NZ
  • Playthings, Refinery Art Space, Nelson, NZ
  • Specials, Handshake alumni, Munich, Germany


  • The Big Idea: Obvservations on the Contemporary Object, Nov 2017 read
  • Garland magazine: Sarah Read, How to Make a necklace from a Chair, Dec 2017 read


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